Corporate Identity


Symbol Mark

The ISU symbol mark represents the 3 values pursued by the ISU Group that ISU people creating a better future: creativity, challenging spirit, and customer satisfaction. The solid wordmark in ISU Blue color of young, flexible and reliable impressions and square element in ISU Green color of modern technology and environment symbolize the innovation and pride of ISU respectively. The progressive diagonal formation rather than solid and stereotyped image expresses the will of ISU to go toward the future and grow into a global company.

Symbol Grid System

The ISU symbol is a crucial visual element that represents ISU, it requires strict management and control to create an image for the ISU and improve its reliability.


The ISU ABXIS signature is based on a combination of symbol and logo type that plays a key role in informing ISU ABXIS. When you use the ISU ABXUS logo, careful attention should be paid to its use and management. Any of manipulations or transformations the ISU ABXIS signature are strictly prohibited. To prevent any transformation, distortion, and manipulations of the ISU ABXIS signature regulations and rules of application must be strictly followed.

Clear Space

To ensure independence from other surrounding elements and keep the unique identity of ISU Group, a specified clear space is required. Any other characters or graphic elements are not allowed in the margins that encircle the symbol and the signature, and please be sure to leave the specified clear space.

Color System

Color of ISU is divided into main colors and supporting colors. ISU Blue and ISU Green used for the symbol mark are called main colors, while ISU Gold and Silver used for special situations and ISU Gray used for the background are called supporting colors. Please be careful as brightness and contrast may vary according to the medium such as printing or image. In principle, ISU colors require spot-color printing and accurately use the closest color to the specified color when printing in 4 or 3 colors.